Why Produce Your Own Beats

Why Produce Your Own Beats?So, why would you want to produce your own beats? Especially as there are so many other people producing beats already… Here are some of the biggest reasons people get into producing music.

You Enjoy Making Beats

The main reason why people starting producing their own music is simply because they like creating beats. In the same way people like playing sports, like collecting stamps or like singing, making beats can be an enjoyable past time. If you like putting sounds together and watching it come together as something bigger, becoming a producer may be for you.

You Need A Specific Sounding Instrumental

There’s a growing trend where rappers and singers turning to producing their own music. While there are plenty of other producers they can get instrumentals from, sometimes it’s hard to find a beat style that you are happy with. So if you want your backing tracks to sound a specific way, why not produce your own music? Simply get some cheap beat making software and make your own songs.

You Like Music But Haven’t Got The Vocal Ability

There are many people who want to get into the music industry but can’t do the whole rapper or singer thing. There may be a number of reasons for this; maybe the don’t have the vocal ability, or maybe they’d just rather play a background roll. Whatever the reason, being a producer can be a lucrative position in the music industry.

They Want To Make Money

While not every person who starting making beats will end up making money, there is the possibility there. This is a dream that many people will chase, and the reason many people get into producing.

They Want To Be Like Their Favourite Producer

In the same way people may watch a famous sports star and want to be like them, people also see producers such as Dr Dre and want to take after them. Producers are becoming more in the spot light as people realise they can make a person’s career. While this being in the spotlight thing is optional, if you reach a certain level with your producing then this choice is there.


There are many reasons why people may want to get into production as we’ve shown above. It’s not hard to produce music, especially if you use simple beat making software. So if you’re so inclined, have a go at producing your own beats.