DUBturbo Review

DUBturbo ReviewThis is a review of DUBturbo, the cheap beat making software. I’ve been aware of DUBturbo for some time, but only recently got my hands of a copy of the software. And what do I think of it? Well, I can tell you that all the positive reviews it has been getting is a lot more then just hype!

Features Of DUBturbo Review

So, what can Dub Turbo actually do?

  • It is a 16 track beat making program that allows you to make your own songs and beats.
  • It exports beats in WAV quality, meaning that your final audio will come out at studio quality (Unlike some other beat making software).
  • DUBturbo comes with easy to understand tutorials that will have you producing your own beats sooner rather then later.
  • Easy layout which makes for easy navigation of the software.
  • Has the ability to import in new sounds from CD or from your computer. This will mean you’ll never run out of sounds as you can always simply create or find new ones.

As you can see, DUBturbo is a genuinely quality piece of equipment. It is not a gimmick, and it is not a toy. It is real music production software that you can use to make instrumentals for yourself or other people.

DUBturbo Price

So, how much is DUBturbo? At the time of writing this, it retails at $29.99. This is extremely cheap considering that many other beat making programs such as Cuebase and Fruity Loops cost considerably more.

Fruity Loops was once considered the king of cheap beat making software. Now however, with DUBturbo being 4 times cheaper, it’s crown has been taken.

Buy DUBturbo

If you want to buy DUBturbo, you can do so here. Buying through that link will give you a big discount, so if you want to save on DUBturbo then go ahead. This reduced price isn’t guaranteed to last forever, so if you click through and the price has gone up, please let us know so we can replace it with the more expensive link.

DUBturbo Review

That’s the end of the DUBturbo Review, if you want cheap but good quality beat making software then give DUBturbo a go!