Cheap Beat Making Software

Cheap Beat Making SoftwareIf you want to get into producing your own songs but haven’t got a big budget, you may need to buy some cheap beat making software to get you up and running.

Previously, cheap music production software was something you couldn’t do more then practice the basics of producing on. The software was basic, and you couldn’t export even a decent quality audio file. These days however, software such as DUBturbo has meant that buying cheap doesn’t mean that you won’t get quality! You can check out our DUBturbo review here.

Cheap Beat Maker Software Price

So, what is the price of cheap beat making software? Well, while it varies, our favourite piece of software (DUBturbo) currently retails at $29.99. This is very cheap considering that other software such as Cuebase and Reason can sell for over $300, more then 10 times the price!

Other then DUBturbo, the next best cheap beat maker software is Fruity Loops. This sells for over $100 however, so still around four times the cost.

How Good Is The Quality Of The Beats?

But why should you make beats? Is the quality isn’t that good? If you’re buying discount music production software, you may understandably be worried about the quality of the beats you come out with. This is understandable, as there’s no point buying a cheap beat maker program if you can’t use the beats you end up making with them. While some lesser programs give you beats that aren’t of a professional quality (I won’t mention names here, they’re not important), with DUBturbo you can export your music as a WAV file. WAV is a lossless sound format, so your beats will come out sounding as good as they need to be.

Cheap Beat Making Software

If you don’t want to spend a fortune on music production tools but also don’t want to compromise on quality, DUBturbo is the cheap beat making software you need to buy.