Make Your Own Beats Guide

If you've ever wanted to learn how to make your own beats, you've come to the right place. Here at Beats Maker Pro, we teach your how to produce music, where to get cheap beat making software that rivals some of the more expensive tools (Check out our DUBturbo review), and generally help you with anything to do with music production. Please make sure you bookmark this page, and check back whenever you need a hand with making your own beats.


Should Producers Handle The Music Business?

These days, a lot of music producers are only focused on one thing: Producing the music they love! And fair enough, why wouldn’t this be your main aim right? A good producer makes good beats, and you only get to make good beats if you practice your art. Having said that, once you get to […]

How Hard Is It To Produce Music?

So, how hard is it to produce music? Many people think it’s a very hard process to produce music, and in turn don’t ever try. If you’ve got a basic level of using standard computer software however, you should be able to learn how to produce without too much trouble. The thing is, learning how […]

Why Produce Your Own Beats

So, why would you want to produce your own beats? Especially as there are so many other people producing beats already… Here are some of the biggest reasons people get into producing music. You Enjoy Making Beats The main reason why people starting producing their own music is simply because they like creating beats. In […]

Cheap Beat Making Software

If you want to get into producing your own songs but haven’t got a big budget, you may need to buy some cheap beat making software to get you up and running. Previously, cheap music production software was something you couldn’t do more then practice the basics of producing on. The software was basic, and […]

DUBturbo Review

This is a review of DUBturbo, the cheap beat making software. I’ve been aware of DUBturbo for some time, but only recently got my hands of a copy of the software. And what do I think of it? Well, I can tell you that all the positive reviews it has been getting is a lot […]